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Brisket Jerky 5 oz Bag PHAJ EJ

Brisket Jerky 5 oz Bag PHAJ EJ

$ 10.00

SWEET & SPICY (pepper level 2 stars out of 5)

This is not commercial Made. It's Home Made by Ciaj Sia Lee. I am asking everyone to donate to help me build a Commercial Kitchen. Your donations will also help me pay for the Brisket and ingredients so we all can enjoy these samples. I only make small batches at a time so I can package it fresh and straight to you. Thanks everyone. 

Happy Tummy : Brisket Jerky 5 oz each bag

Flavor : Spicy Honey Glazed Smoked Teriyaki 

ingredients: Fatty Beef Brisket, Dried Crushed Red Chili Pepper, Unfiltered Raw Honey, Salt, Fine Black Pepper, Liquid Smoke, Teriyaki sauce, Garlic powder,     

Made in USA.