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Fall in love ( tshuaj poj niam)

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Fall in love



Internal system formula. In the 1-2 weeks will see that the vaginal discharge is reduced. Makes you don't have a smell. As for balancing hormones make menstruation normal no menstrual pain You have to look at the next monthly cycle. As for skin, take it continuously for 1 month or more to helps with freckles, pigmentation, dark spot, sun pot and have a baby face.


In the first month, it is recommended to take 2 capsules a day to help normalize hormones first. The next month, take 1 tablet a day.


Main components. There will be protein extracted from soybeans, dong quai, fenugreek, Korean ginseng, pomegranate, collagen. It helps in terms of breasts to be more shapely, firmer, including the vagina. Help with old age


Npaub Yaj 🌸Fall in Love🌸

-pab kom txob mob plab coj khaub ncawd.

-pab kom txob coj khaub ncaws dawb.

-pab kom tsev me nyuam txob poob qis.

-pab kom coj khaub ncaws zoo.

-pab kom hiav quav hnav pawv.

-pab kom 14 xyoo ib zaug ntxiv

-pab kom mis rauj

-pab kom qhov chaw mos rauj thaib tsis tsw

    Fall in love ( tshuaj poj niam)
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