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inShape - Tshuaj pab kom yuag (10 pills each pack)

inShape - Tshuaj pab kom yuag (10 pills each pack)

$ 30.00

Ingredients :

Chitosan - 150mg

Garcinia Extract - 100mg

 Arginine - 100mg

 Camitine L-Tartate - 50mg

 Kelp Powder - 50mg

 Green Tea Extract - 50mg

 Psyllium Husk Powder - 40mg

 Vitamin C - 30mg

 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Chelate - 25mg

 Chromium Amino Acid Chelate - 5mg


This is all natural diet supplements made from Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C, Garcnia Extract, kelp powder. Lose inches naturally. Made in Thailand. For full ingredients look at back of the box picture. There is only 10 pills each pack.

Eat one pill once a day 30min before breakfast. Do not eat more than one pill each day. For starter only eat half pill a day until no signs of complications to your body 

Allergy warning : contains seashell and shrimp shell extract. Read all ingredients.

If you are pregnant don’t use. 

If you are pregnant, nursing, under 16 years of age, or have any type of diseases such as chronic or is taking other meds please consult with your physician before taking these supplements. Results may vary. This is not a claim to cure any diseases. 

Limit yourself intake to only two straight months of inShape only. Then let your body rest from taking inShape for one month. Then repeat the intake process.